I recently connected with Allie Chase, the owner and founder of Prove Our Purpose.  In the very brief time that I’ve gotten to know Allie (via the internet albeit), I think she might be one of the most positive people I know.  Allie started a company to help encourage others to never give up on their goals, and she does this through her site and social media.

People like Allie remind me that one of my favorite things about the marching percussion world is the positivity and support you see between individuals and between groups.



What is your background and how long have you been involved with the percussion community?

I have been involved with percussion my whole life. At 5 years old, I had one of those old school mini drum machines that you just hit with sticks and that’s when I was hooked. I played percussion in middle and high school. I did not go on to march drum corps simply because I was too focused on my studies in college. At this point, I wish I had just gone for it. I have been a percussion caption head for 8 years and have assisted multiple different groups.


What is the story behind Prove Our Purpose?

Prove Our Purpose was born because of a passion of mine to inspire and motivate musicians to believe in themselves no matter how hard the journey. I have always loved helping people succeed and helping them to believe in their potential. Making goals and sticking to the hard work it takes to reach those goals is a huge part of what I hope to help people to do through this company.

What led you to start the company? How long has POP Co. been around?

I wanted to start the company to inspire and motivate people. As a percussion teacher, it is always a joy to see the spark light up in your students’ eyes when they get a measure or phrase right that they were having trouble with before. Positive criticism mixed with tough love is what makes our students the most successful. By seeing how I have positively affected my students’ confidence and drumming mentality, I wanted to share my passion with the drumming world. POP Co. has been around for about one year. We just had our one year anniversary March 16th.



What would you say is your own personal purpose and mission as the owner of POP Co.?

My own personal purpose as the owner is to provide support and inspiration to my team and the supporters of POP Co. By providing these people with the tools they need to go on and inspire and motivate their own students, we are creating a more positive drumming community. My mission is simple –  to create a positive place (company) for people to feel safe going to with questions, needing advice, and really just seeing creative and educational percussion content.


What else should we know about POP Co.?

You should know that Prove Our Purpose Company is around for only positive reasons. We are around to help build up the confidence in players that they otherwise may not get.  POP Co. is solely run by me, but I have an amazing group of inspiring promoters all around the nation that I feel like I could not do it without! These members are people that I have never met, but who believe in my mission so much that they want to take it on with me.


Who are some people that you look up to in the community that helped inspire and motivate you personally?

My drum tech in high school was the biggest motivation for me. He always helped me believe in myself and pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. Within social media, Mark Perrett with The Grid Book Series is definitely someone I get inspiration from. The idea that he and John Lluvera had a vision of creating a book that could help percussionists with their chops is great, but the fact that they just went for it is what was so inspirational. That’s what I did with this company, I had a passion and dream and I’m going for it! Also, Karldrumtech, Huei-Yuan Pan, and other fellow drummers have definitely helped keep my drive alive!


In our activity, female percussionists can be a minority in most performing groups.  If you look at entrepreneurs in general, there are less female entrepreneurs than male entrepreneurs.  How does it feel to be a positive role model for not only female percussionists but female entrepreneurs as well?

I think within the drumming community, female percussionists are definitely out there, they just don’t get highlighted as much. Being a female percussionist in a majority male percussionist world just made my drive and determination even stronger. I mean, why can’t a female kill a drum lick?… We can! I love that although this is a male dominated community, passion and performance rise above everything else. Females do get recognized, just not as much… but I’m proud to be a part of that changing!

As far as being a female entrepreneur, that was definitely scary for me to take that leap. Sometimes as females, we don’t get taken as seriously in a business or corporate world, but I am definitely challenging that with POP Co. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be seen as an inspiring drum company that builds people! It has nothing to do with gender, it’s all about inspiring others!