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Indoor Percussion 2017: 11 Weeks to Dayton

One of my favorite things about Indoor Percussion is how fast paced things can be.  As a percussionist, rehearsals seem to go by faster when you’re involved in just about every rep and don’t have to wait on the winds or color guard.  With a smaller stage to perform on the drill can feel like you’re flying around the tarp.  The indoor season isn’t much shorter than the marching band season, but it always seems to go by much faster to me.

We’re still early in the 2017 Indoor Percussion season, but contests all over the country are up and running this weekend.  I was originally thinking it seemed a bit early to do this, but when you look at a calendar, I think now is an appropriate time to start a countdown to Dayton.  There are only 11 weeks between now and April 22nd.  With every group still learning music, drill and adding on to their show, these 11 weeks are going to go by quickly.  For those of you graduating or aging out, enjoy them while they last!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on around the country this weekend.  It’s impossible to follow every group performing throughout the season, but I will try to keep tabs on the more notable PSW and PIW group as the season progresses.  Check back here each week for scores and recaps.

In alphabetical order by circuit:


FFCC (Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit) starts their Indoor Percussion season this weekend at Oviedo HS just outside of Orlando.  This is a pretty big lineup and features Infinity Percussion going on last to wrap things up.  Schedule and details are here.


GIPA (Georgia Indoor Percussion Association) has their first show at North Gwinnett HS.  It’s interesting to me that the lineup of this show has prelims and a finals round.  That seems unusual to me for the first show of the year, but maybe every GIPA operates under this format.    You can see PSW finalist Milton HS and PIW finalist Atlanta Quest there this weekend.


IPA (Indiana Percussion Association) – no shows this weekend due to the Indiana Solo & Ensemble competitions.  IPA will get started next weekend on February 11th with two different shows.  This will be the first time we get to see Indiana’s only PIW group, Legacy, as well as PSW groups like Goshen HS and Center Grove HS.

Side note – check out IPA’s new website.  It looks great and it sounds like the guys on the IPA board put a ton of time into improving it.


MCGC (Michigan Color Guard Circuit) has their first show of the season this weekend at West Bloomfield HS.  PSW Finalist Walled Lake Central HS will be there along with PIW groups Redline and North Coast Academy.  Here’s the lineup.



MEPA (Mid East Performance Association) did have their first show last weekend at Miamisburg HSS so they got started a bit earlier than most circuits.  This week there is a show at Northmont HS, but it doesn’t look like any PSW or PIW groups will be there.  More details for the Northmont show can be found here.

Rhythm X usually competes in the MEPA circuit but it does not look like they’re going out this weekend.  They did have their first show last week in Miamisburg. See below for some behind the scenes looks from their first show.




While the NCPA (North California Percussion Alliance) doesn’t have the same level of Independent groups as the SCPA does, they still have a couple of solid PSW groups.  The first NCPA show is this weekend and the first time we’ll see PSW finalists Homestead HS and Leigh HS.  More details here.


OIPA (Ohio Indoor Performance Association) has a show at Central Crossing HS this weekend where you can get a look at Matrix Open and Matrix World.  Not many other percussion groups will be in attendance.  Details here.


The SCPA (Southern California Percussion Alliance) has been loaded with some phenomenal groups over the past few years and I’m sure this year will be no exception.  The first SCPA show for 2017 is this weekend at Valencia HS and if you could travel anywhere to watch some drumlines, this is the place to be this weekend.  With the most PIW groups at the same contest this week, this show includes POW Percussion, RCC, Dark Sky Percussion, and Pulse in the lineup – 4 PIW finalists from last year.  It doesn’t look like any PSW groups will be at this show.  You can find more details and timelines here.

The PIW groups have been building up some hype on social media over the past few weeks with some teasers on their shows.  I’m still amazed sometimes at how much this activity has evolved from when I was brand new to Indoor Percussion back in 2004.  Social media was not what it is today, and Independent groups definitely didn’t have the marketing presence that they do now.  From a business perspective and branding perspective, it really is amazing what some of these groups (especially Rhythm X and the SoCal groups) are doing nowadays.


POW Percussion 2017 Presents Captive

A photo posted by Pulse Percussion (@pulsepercussion) on


Presenting our 10th Show as Dark Sky Percussion: The Others #darkskypercussion #dsp10years #dspworld #theothers

A photo posted by Dark Sky Percussion (@darkskypercussion) on

Pulse Percussion 2017 Presents The Uninvited

A photo posted by Pulse Percussion (@pulsepercussion) on


Am I missing anything?  I’m sure there are some other contests going on this weekend that I probably missed.  Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a note with the details.  Check back here for updates throughout the season!


  1. So I currently March with North Gwinnett (GIPA circuit), and the reason why the comp had both prelims and finals is because all comps in the circuit do. Part of the reason the circuit was created was because the executives wanted an opportunity for every drumline to have 2 official reps of their show in a day. Before 2015 when it was made, most groups attended SAPA competitions and would only have one performance over the course of a day. It’s been a great experience having that second performance to really build upon prelims.

    • Spencer Bailey

      March 24, 2017 at 9:59 am

      That’s pretty cool. The group I teach is in the Indiana Percussion Associaton and we don’t have that kind of set up. However, I know there a lot of times where we had a not so great run and wish we had a second shot at doing the show in front of the judges.

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